Whistler BMX Club

The Whistler BMX Club was established in 2012 with the aim of building and operating a competition standard BMX track in Whistler. Whistler BMX successfully opened the BMX track in August 2017. Everyone is welcome to enjoy our weekly BMX races open to kids of all ages and moms and dads. No experience required. Come enjoy. As we are a BMX Canada sanctioned BMX track, membership is required. 1-day and yearly memberships can be purchased at the track on race nights or online at BMX Canada

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Whistler BMX

Community Benefits

The Whistler BMX Track provides a range of benefits to the Whistler community and Sea To Sky Corridor at large. Including:

  • Foundation skills for all types of biking.
  • Racing and coaching for all ages including run bikes.
  • Crossover training for ski & snowboard cross.
  • Open all season (weather dependant) for families even if not racing.
  • Track is designed for flow and speed versus technical to ensure maximum accessibility for all riders.

Learn more about the track design and our home in Bayly Park, Whistler and our board of directors.

We Need Volunteers

Volunteers are a key part of Whistler BMX! We cannot operate the track and run races without help. Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering and we can offer training on the positions that we need filled. We have a sign-up board at every race – try out a few roles and see what you love best!
Here is a list and description of the various volunteer roles we need at every Whistler BMX race:

    This requires 2-3 people to set riders up for the race. These people need to record riders as they arrive, collect fees and process new or temporary memberships and race plates.

    The stager is responsible for organizing the riders so they are ready to get on the gate when it is time for their moto to race. Calling out riders’ names and lanes are usually required, to help ensure the correct riders make it to their assigned motos at the gate.

    This position operates the gate and is required to understand the safety features of the gate, be aware of riders on the gate and/or track at all times.

    This person needs to be comfortable speaking on a microphone and ‘calling’ each race to add to the excitement. This person should also be familiar with P.A. / audio equipment setup and operation.

    Finish Line
    This person records the riders in order as they cross the finish line. Once racing is completed, the results need to be reported for record purposes.

    On Track/Corner Officials
    Depending on the size of the event, this requires 3-4 people. These are the positions that watch for infractions to the basic rules of racing and report to the head official if required. More importantly, these positions ensure the safety on the track, for example in fall or crash situations.

    Set-up and tear-down goes much faster with more hands. Those helping with set up will need to set up the gate, table, P.A. system, clear the track of any rocks, and water the track as necessary. Tear-down consists of helping put everything away, tidying the site and locking the doors.

    First Aid
    One person with first aid training is required for racing and/or practice. A first-aid kit is available at the race shack.
    To help raise funds for the track and club operations, we offer snacks and drinks at races.